What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe

Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's) believe the doctrine of the Trinity to be a false doctrine. JW's believe that Jesus is not God, but instead the Archangel Michael (a created Being). They believe that Jesus was not bodily ressurected. They believe the Holy Spirit to be a force and not a Person.

Some Specific Jehovah's Witness Beliefs:

God: He is one person and His proper name is Jehovah.

Jesus: A created Angel who has had 3 stages of life: Archangel Michael; Jesus of Nazareth; Michael the exalted Archangel.

Holy Spirit: The inpersonal force of Jehovah.

Trinity: A pagan supernatural doctrine.

Bible: Authoritative only when it is interpreted by the Watchtower Society.

Heaven: A place that is reserved and limitted to 144,000 elect Jehovah Witnesses

Hell: Jehovah's Witnesses believe the concept of an eternal Hell to be a fictitious doctrine.







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